Over-adhesion issues?!?!?!?

Good day makers,

I just received my F250 last week, and dove right into printing, and absolutely love the ease and quality of my prints so far. The only issue I am currently experiencing is a tendency to over-adhere. I am having to vigorously fight my prints off the bed. I followed the initial set-up and calibration to the letter, and have had no problems with any of my first five prints, except the over-adhesion. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Possibility one: Play a bit with Z-Offset, i.e. slightly adjust the height of the nozzle for the first layer. The problem may be that your nozzle runs a bit too low and squishes the filament too strong into the build plate.

Possibility two: Filament brand. Some brands have the tendency to stick too well. The spool of Snapmaker PLA filament that was included with my Kickstarter A350 was of such kind - I damaged the print when I tried to remove it from the build plate. Other brands never made problems.

Possibility three: Material choice. PETG for example has a tendency to stick extremely well to some surfaces. In this case use hairspray, glue stick or painters tape as a separation layer. Standard PLA however should easily pop off.

Possibility four: Temperature - when you print too hot, the filament might stick too well either.

Possibility five: Something I might just miss :slight_smile:

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