Bed levelling, adhesion, and poor build plate quality

Maybe I’m the only one seeing this, it’s almost like I’ve been hit by a bad batch, but…

TLDR: things stick too much, levelling isn’t consistent, ruining lots of build plates.

My prints are over-adhering to the build plate. Even large, solid prints don’t come off without crazy amounts of force. I’m gradually narrowing it down to bad automatic levelling. I set the Z offset using the levelling process, and have gradually raised the offset to the point where nothing sticks then dropped it back down gradually from there.

What I get though is large areas on my build plate where nothing extrudes, as if the print head is way too close to the surface. Other areas are just fine. The surface appears to be flat, too.

This is causing my build surface to die extremely quickly. One print actually managed to remove a piece of the plate surface itself! 90% of the print popped off easily enough, but a 3mm diameter circle of build plate just plain peeled off and stuck to the PLA!

I’ve been using the 4x4 levelling grid, and just switched to a 5x5 grid. My first build sheet is destroyed, my second is getting close to ruined too. I’m actually having to re-position prints to different areas of the sheet each time to avoid the damaged areas, and it’s really making me hate this machine.

Any ideas, or options? I’m getting close to just throwing the entire machine out. The noise levels are bad (but better with the enclosure), that PSU fan is driving me crazy, and I can’t afford to buy more build plates if they’re only going to survive a single print each.

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I was having that problem at first, like you said i moved the z offset and it helped.

I was using rafts for awhile which helped a lot with that problem, but when i changed to a different brand filament the problem kind of went away. Im using yet another kind right now and it feels like its going to do the same as the first.

I have purchased this Magigoo stuff and i tell ya, it really works wonders. It helps with adhesion so i can chill out on the rafts and brims, but also makes the parts pop right off when they are done.

I hope this helps you in some fashion.

Also I had heard putting it in the freezer can help with that too…

I was thinking about trying some freeze spray next time, i have some in my closet. The shift in temperature could cause it to shrink a bit which would create some gaps under the print.

Hypothetically, anyhow. It does on steel anyhow.

The surface appears to be flat or you’ve checked with a straight edge that it is flat?

If you’re using the SM filament you should try a different filament. Known problems with some SM Filament.

Have you calibrated the extrusion?

Use glue stick or blue tape until you get the settings right.


Is your bed frame the right way up, i.e. nuts down? It sounds as though your build plate is very uneven.
Excuse me asking this question if you’ve already gone through this, its just that its caught out so many.

I would try a different filament. Once I changed my prints came out great.

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