Tip: use laser cutting for creating pockets or grooves

searched for creating pockets or grooves with laser but did not find a topic. So I started testing.
Conclusion is that this is very well possible.
Purpose was to make a wood fingered box with a sliding lid. Grooves can be made, playing with the cutting parameters. I used 1500/120 2x 0,4 + “fill” and this created a nice groove of 1mm depth in 3mm plywood.

I hope I put this in the right forum and is helpfull.
Just started discovering my snapmaker 2 A250 for some weeks now.

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Hi @Josey
Correct place and great tip. Never though of doing that and I have made a few finger boxes that could have done with a lid. Will be giving it a try on my next box.

I like the tip ! Thanks for sharing. Not that many people seem to be using the laser, but i am. I will post some of my solutions and experiences i ran into. Most of the time pretty obvious but could be helpfull.

Best regards from a chilly and rainy Holland

Ja, in Limburg al niet veel beter. of topic but had to reply :yum:

I love to see every showcase! :wink: