Laser Christmas Presents


I created some christmas presents with the snapmaker.

The first is the house of my parents who retire and go to the seaside.
This is a model of their old house where I grew up. Modeled and sliced with F360, cut out of plywood.

The second one is an organizer for the bathroom of my girlfriends dad with his favorite song on it.
Coloured it with acrylic paint, and lasered the decals.


Are they still selling those boxes in Ikea? I must have bought the one I still have about 33 years ago! Lasted well but I wasn’t able to do such excellent customisation - just the paintwork. Nice use of the height of the Snapmaker to laser those drawer fronts.

Also good to see F360 used for Laser and see somebody cut ply. So many tales about it not being possible.

Lovely job.

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Thank you for your nice feedback! :slight_smile:
Ply (3,2 mm) was cut with 140 mm/s and 5 passes - it’s possible.

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Wow that is really nice work there, you’re a whiz!

i printed my brothers and sisters and parents various models, but i didnt create them myself…

some of them were pretty hard tho.