The specification of the NEW LASER ENGRAVER (1.6W)


I’ve just ordered mine with the 50% discount voucher.


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What material should one use as a ¨stopper’ under the tree there is to be cuttet?
Just a iron plate?


A 1.6W laser shouldn’t be capable of cutting into anodized aluminum, so you’d probably be OK just cutting straight on the CNC bed.


Hello. Iam new here. I want to know, is it real to cut paper with 1.6W laser, that it will be like in the attached picture ? Without burned edges ? Paper-laser-cutting


I’d love to know what settings were used in the video… perhaps as a tutorial. @Rainie can you provide any assistance with a tutorial?


Thought we wrote it on the instructions panel (click the information icon on the top right corner of Fine Tune Work Origin widget. There are the recommended work speed and power (and we used in our video) for plywood, leather and card papers (all at 100% Power).



Sorry - I hadn’t spotted that, or at least worked out what it was for.


I was testing my 200mW last night and it easily cut through one paper layer of an envelope and left the other side untouched so I would imagine you could do this if you programed everything correctly, although it does have the current 120mm size constraint


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Again, are safety glasses provided for the class 3-B and class 4 laser good enough for both? I will be using these laser to teach young people and need to have proper eye protection for them and myself.

As far as I have searched this has not been answered.




Yes, the safety glasses and also the enclosure are good enough for both the 200mW laser the 1600mW Laser Cutting Module, so don’t worry. Please remember to avoid direct exposure to the laser. It’s suggested to use the enclosure if young people are next to the machine.

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Can you offer extra laser safety glasses for sale in your Store and produce the specifications for them if people want to source glasses locally.

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Hi @parachvte and @Rainie

I received my 1600mw laser on Friday and have been testing it…wow !. I think it is extremely important to include the instruction that is hidden in the SnapmakerJS software, in the user guide. I tried calibrate/focus the laser as per the 200mw instruction with no success and I searched the forum and tripped across your 'Fine Tune Work Origin" reference above. I can imagine many users will be struggling to calibrate/focus not knowing that this instruction exist.

BTW, this fine tune process works well. You need to broadcast this instruction more widely.

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Looks like mine will arrive tomorrow. If I had realized they were using FedEx SmartPost, I could have tracked it through the FedEx website from the beginning.


I cannot find that screen in my snapmakerjs, where is that?


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Are you running the latest version 2.4.2 ? it is on the laser page. Click the i button for the instruction on using this widget; it will make a difference

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So I’m a physicist and I’m looking at making some theoretical estimates for the tolerances and limits of laser engraving and cutting. Is it possible to get other (very) technical specs for the optics of the laser engraving unit, like beam waist(s) and peak intensity measurements at the focus? Shape of the beam profile would also be nice information. If those don’t exist, then what about optical layouts and part numbers for the lenses, diode, etc (from which I can then create a model and estimate these parameters).


IDK if anyone is paying attention to this thread anymore, but I think I found the laser diode used in the device. It looks like it is an Osram PTLD 450B, which has been discontinued since 2017 and replaced with the PLPT9 450D_E A01, which has a power output of 3.5 W. The new laser units could be using the new diode at a lower operating current, but I doubt that is the case.

Now I just need to figure out the optics used to focus the beam!


A supplier for laser cutting modules can be found here:


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