Laser ..... excited? Maaaaybe?

Hello. I am interested in your exciting new laser. Only problem is, the last time I purchased a laser upgrade from snapmaker, ALL component hardware was identical to the laser it shipped with, except the laser diode, and the casing. This was not a higher wattage diode model suitable for cutting. Much like how the CNC function was still in Alpha development. Many exhilarating ideas are proposed, but are incomplete/a matter of marketing imagination. So im curious the capability of your new ir/uv cutting laser, and why the nanometers was your promotional focus!

The previous laser releases by snapmaker were all the same frequency, a 455nm blue diode of varying power. From the original to the latest that’s 200mW, 1.6W, 10W, 20W, and 40W. More power, but the same spectrum.

The new laser is 1064nm, which is in the infrared range and is more readily absorbed by things like metal and plastic. It’s main selling point is the ability to engrave on metals and higher quality engraves on plastics. It should mark steel, brass, gold, etc without any marking spray.