The machine stopped during printing 3d

I have a problem with my 350 snapmaker printer is that it was printing well up to 97% it stopped and keeps moving repeatedly in one direction without throwing filament so the project could not be completely finished since I was missing 3% then what is the error of let that happen and how do I avoid the next 3d printing projects

If you could share the log files that would be very helpful. You can export them under settings → export logs. This exports them to a USB drive which you can then share.

It also happened several times that there was a problem with the usb port on the SM. When you have printed over it, try to print over wifi or cable and use a different firmware.

Hello erdieskann, how i can work through a cable, by cable usb but how connect it with snapmaker and my computer?

i hear that this needs dirvers but which is the drivers the last is the january of 2020 this is old, i think there are a driver update form the year 2021 or not? if you have a driver for connect the port serial please send me i will thanks you.

The drivers on the Snapmaker download page are the correct ones.
No need to be more up to date.

You can export the log files from the touchscreen and send them to me for further analysis. Here is an image for your reference.

@Nicolas2013 What did you mean by “it stopped and keeps moving repeatedly in one direction without throwing filament”?

  • Did the machine stop working?
  • Which linear module moved in one direction?
  • Which model did you print?

Send me the G-code file and tell me the time period when the issue happened.