The long-awaited quick swap kit for Snapmaker 2.0 250/350 machines

Just wondering: Did you all get enough screws with the QSK?
I just got my QSK and it seems to be missing quite a few screws. As you can see in the picture I uploaded, there are still 4 plates that haven’t been connected and I only have 2 short and 3 long screws left - but it looks as if I still need 16 screws…
Do I print my own screws? :joy:

(And yeah, not impressed with the lacking instructions… E.g. there are different types of screws included, but no mentioning which ones should be used where.)

This link is shown as quickstart guide included in the kit (I guess):

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You mean on that piece of scrap paper that was in the box?
No, that link wasn’t included. There was only a generic link to
And the guide I found there was not as detailed as the one you linked to here. So, thanks for that, @xchrisd !
So, yeah. Based on this version of the guide, there were 11 screws missing. :roll_eyes:

Any fix for the first layer with Dual Extrusion?

The auto leveling not working well with me, if i change the frames to new one will fix the problem??

Thank you

I don’t think so. The Z Level calibration of dual extruder did not work properly with all environments. But it is as good as you do not have to Level manually but just change the z offset onprint. Thats why i always print some skirt to Level z properly.

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Thank you for replying, you mean manual not working to ? And what you mean by change the z offset onprint?

Thank you

On snapmaker 2.0 you can just swipe a quick menu from right side to mid/left. There you can tune the z offset for ± 0,5mm which normally is enough to compensate the wrong initial calibration.

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for every print or only first time ?

i do this after auto leveling correct ?

Normally it is enough to do it once after levelling, so at the first Print. But it is necessary from time to time to adjust it again. Thats why i print skirt and check z Offset every print. But i just have to adjust all 5-10 prints.

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thank you for the info, question which print skirt you use ?