Worked the first time and every time

If I had not already ordered my 250 with enclosure I would not buy it after reading all these negative posts. So far I have only used the 3d printer module but I have made many prints some of which are complex. It has worked first time and every time. It is a very solid machine and I could not be happier with it. Maybe I am just lucky.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve had a few difficulties, and many successes. Overall I’m quite happy with the machine as well.

I think people like you, who go out of their way to comment when things go well, are rare. Mostly only people who have issues leave comments.


Agreed, it is nice to see someone who appreciates the machine for what it is.

I have had some issues, but to a small degree it should be anticipated, we are basically in the infancy of the machine’s development. we bought it before they were even being manufactured.

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Feel free to share your projects in the Showcase-Section of the forum!- I love to see others ideas :wink:

I’m another person who’s overall satisfied with my Snapmaker2. Like brent113 said, most people who come here to post are looking for help with a problem—the population of the forum isn’t statistically representative of all Snapmaker owners. (I suspect there are also a disproportionate number of curmudgeons like me who hate Facebook here. :rofl: )

I did buy into the Kickstarter assuming there would be some growing pains, though, because I knew I was looking at being an early adopter of a new product that was being manufactured in China (which often means QA problems). So far, I haven’t run into anything insurmountable.

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Mine can even do modern art :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After tweaking the settings no more art :sweat:


Aww yeah i have a few examples of that.

I was printing a Charmander trophy for contest giveaway and it ended up being a tangela.


As with most of these kind of forums (I also have a formlabs form3 which has a forum) I feel people come here mostly to trouble shoot problems. However I have noticed that while there are a lot of problems on here there is almost always a solution as well. I actually came across these forums long before bought my A350. As I started with SLA printing this community has been great getting me up to speed with FDM. not only that but now I have a laser and mini cnc as well.

I’m still in the middle of machine trouble, but I really like the Snapmaker brand and machine.

I’m still having machine trouble, but I love the Snapmaker brand and the machines because of the great ideas and shapes they produce from the three different processes.

There are some negative comments in this forum, but they are very important topics because they will lead to the next product development and modification.

People who don’t have any problems probably don’t even know this forum exists, but I think the people who meet here are happy to find new discoveries.

I think so.

Please forgive me for any mistakes.

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Indeed, restaurant customers that are satisfied rarely comment on tripadvisor.
Since day one i was like a kid in a toy store. This grew into a feeling of desorientation because of the gi-huge-ic amount of possibilities. Your imagination is your only limit !

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and your skill level :joy:

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I can tell the same - the manual was cleary - and my prints worked everytime - exept for beauty mistakes on the print results which can be fixed by learning how to utilise the printer.
Oh yeah and cooling problems - but this is fixed.
Thanks to this great community :slight_smile:

Laser worked from the start, but there i already got some experience.

CNC will be next when I discovered a good solution against he dust. I have no space for a vacuum cleaner in my workspace :frowning: