Test routines on the touchscreen

I think that it would be very useful to have some test routines in the touchscreen.

Something that runs a given motor (or pair) and tests that they do in fact work, that the limit switches work, and that in the case of a pair, both motors are actually driving. Do this by noting apparent drift on the position of the limit switch in one motor or the other.

Code to assist with nozzle change: Take the printhead halfway up Z, all the way to the right (because enclosure, middle if no enclosure), heat appropriately, and don’t get upset when I attach a wrench to the nozzle.

Code to test the filament switch detect.

I’m sure there are other routines, plus ones for CNC and laser.

It’s all very nice when everything is working but so far I have two intermittent motors, and a filament switch that either insists I have no filament no matter what, or fails to detect runout.

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