Terrible lines on print


Need some help with A350 Snapmaker 2.0. Could someone tell me what I need to change in printing settings in Snapmaker Luban, that would disappear those terrible lines on this print?

I will add screenshot of settings I made in a program latter, because as a new member I can add jus one picture. Thank you for help. This is my first printing work.

Or maybe Snapmaker 2.0 can not make it?

Post your settings and your gcode, please :wink:

My settings are there

OK, I see you want to push to the maximum.

At this point, you have to start a bit smaller and easier.
Try to print it with 0.12 Layer height (or a other multiple of 0.4mm, search for magic number if you are interested) and see if you want to push further.

I don’t want suggest you to calibrate your machine after the first print. - It would be good, but normally beginners don’t need to.

Anyway your walls are pretty slow, you don’t need to print that slow, 20mm/s would be ok for this details I guess.

I would suggest to have a look at this:

It looks like you have overextrusion and blobs after retraction.
Take a look at your gcode preview.
Look where a outer wall is printed after a retraction. This should be where the lines begin.
I’m facing a problem like this issue too.

First of all calibrate your Extruder E-Steps.
Afterwards, calibrate your flow.
Then calibrate your temperature and retraction again.
If the lines are weaker after that you’re on the right way.

Hi, Thank you for your for your help. Is all these things somewhere written how to do it. Because Im. new and do not know these thing.

Share your gcode with us!
I think, there is no calibration needed, at this point.
Your previous layers are perfectly, it seems there is a other issue like calibration.

Have you even tried with a higher layer?