Temperature drop during print

Using Luban 4.6.2 or Cura 5.3.0 or PrusaSlicer … I set the temperature to 220 (PLA) and it starts printing fine. After a while the temperature drops to 200 and I get the “clog” warning and the “clicks” … the extruder is not able to push the filament anymore …
What can I do???

I have the same problem and can’t find a solution…

Edit: check if the extruder you choose has different initial layer printing temperature, that was the problem for me.

Same goes for me. Right extruder setup with PETG at 240C and after first layer it drops to 200C. Manually changed to 240 during second layer and it changed back to 200 on layer 4 (after tool change). What is going on here?

I updated drivers and no change.

I also changed spools to HIPS on right with ASA on left and it printed fine.


Have you set a maximum temperature in the Luban? Then you can adjust it as you like, it will always go back.