Printing ABS filament

Are there any standard, tried and tested settings on a Snapmaker 2.0 A350 printer that would enable ABS printing? I have tried adjusting nozzle and bed temperatures (235 and 80), initial adhesion speed (8mm/sec.), applying painters tape, glue stick, carpet adhesive, glass bed along with continual re-calibration and all combinations of these but nothing seems to work. PLA seems to work ok but not perfect. For some reason, when I set the nozzle and bed temperatures to 235 and 80 on Luban prior to printing, when the printer starts up, these temperatures immediately default back to 205 and 70. Why?

I think the temperatures are set in the G-code, once for initial layer(s), then for rest. So it’s better to choose the material first in Luban with the temperature settings you want, rather than trying to override them. You can override them manually a bit later once the bed has heated up and the head moves away from the corner.

Are you manually adjusting the nozzle and bed temp, rather than telling the Slicer what temp to set? If you’re manually setting the temps before you start printing, the slicer will change them when it starts the first layer.

If you want to see what the GCode is telling it to do, open it up in notepad and look for M104, M140, M109, and M190. They are, respectively, heat nozzle, heat bed, wait for nozzle temp, wait for bed temp commands. Temps are in ºC.

IIRC, Luban will issue the heat and wait commands for the first layer, but only change the temps without waiting for the 2nd layer.