Technical Drawing A351 from stefix

Here is now the Fusion360 file for my mods. Only thing I have stolen here from the forum is the printcage, thaks for this. Even if I dont use it anymore - its part of the machine. The drawing is like it is and can have errors! Perhaps some of you can help to improve and complete the thing, so we have a nice point to make other extensions. Some parts like the doors are only schematic. Thera are no screws and such things in it. I will invite everybody who uses Fusion360 and like it to improve or correct the drawing, so hopefully it will be complete in the future. Please let me know what you are thinking of it. Have fun with the parts !
One thing at the end: If you make changes please post them here in the Forum so that all Snapmakers can benefit from it - Thanks for that!


I can’t open the files can someone help me?

Do you have fusion 360?

@stefix this is awesome, but what is the A351? It looks like you’ve added a bunch of stabilizers all over the place and a built in physical (as opposed to the capacitive) probe sensor? Could you go into more about all these mods? Is this a new model coming from SM that we’ll be able to upgrade our 350s to?


Yes but i cant open it with it

Interesting, it opened just fine for me.

Did you unzip it first?

All good i got it had to open it directly from fusion
My pc did not recognize that fusion can open it

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I’m really sorry to hear that. He did such good designs and was so proud of his own work as he should have been. May he Rest In Peace.


I’ve been away from the forum for a while and I’m just now reading about stefix passing away. I’m so sorry to hear that. Will pray for his family.

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anyone got a copy of these files they can re-upload, im wanting the fusion 360 file to try and fix a warped bed with the linear rails. link has expiered.

Hopefully lasts a bit longer than the previous file. Consider donating!

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