Component dimensions for A350

Where can I find the dimensions for the major A350 parts?
I need to make a 3D CAD model of it, it does not have to be precise, just to look real.
The major parts are the rails, tool heads, PSU, bed, base, etc.
I have a PDF of the assembly manual that shows all the bits, but no dimensions.

thanks, jgb

Stefix parting gift to us all.

Thanks, but nowhere can I find dimensioned drawings.

The mod looks interesting and I will review it later.
And I do not nor want Fusion360 at this time.

Well Stefix did it in Fusion. so I guess you will need to do it yourself if you dont want to take the dimensions from Fusion.

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Thank you.
I presume the 2nd drawing is the power supply?
Anything on the A350 rails?


I started a 3D model for my Snapmaker A350. I have the linear module almost complete and have to start with the other modules soon. Here is a link to my Onshape CAD if you’re interested.

Hopefully this will help you out. (not precise btw, but very close)


Thank you. It helped a lot for the rails and bed which I had no info on at all. Just an estimation by eye from photos. Actually I was closer than I thought except for the width of a rail, I was out by an inch too wide. Length was about 1/4 inch too long.

I don’t need 11th decimal point precision as the CAD drawing is for reference only for a base cabinet design.

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Glad it helped, I will continue to update it so it can have everything in it and aligned properly. I’ll be sure to post when that happens!


Thanks to @RyanTuscher

As for the cabinet, @spitzlbergerj has posted a great work and share the dimension in this post.


Hi Ryan,
thanks for sharing your drawings.

I am looking for the most accurate dimensions of the screw holes in the linear modules. And I would need the dimensions of the recesses in the base plate of the A350.

Do you have dimensions for me?

If I interpret your drawing correctly, you have ignored the recesses in the base plate where the horizontal lower linear modules are located (for now), right?

Unfortunately, these are necessary to build accessories for the Snapmaker that are to be fixed in the screw holes of the horizontal Linear Modules.

Thanks and regards

I found it (so far) impossible to get accurate drawings of the printer, except for a very few parts, and really had to interpolate photos just to get the shapes near correct. The only way to get accurate hole placement would be to own a Snapmaker and measure them. Or, if someone has a Snapmaker, he could spend that significant amount of time documenting then posting those dimensions.

Here’s a drawing of the bed dimensions and hole locations I found…

A350 Bed Dimensions

Also there is the Snapmaker 350 manual in PDF form. While there are no dimensioned drawings, the assembly photos can be “reversed engineered” for dimensions. I cannot upload it here but you can d/l it from Snapmakers site.

Hi John,

Oh, so you don’t have a snapmaker a350? Then why do you bother to make the CAD drawings?

Thanks for the drawings you have already found. They are all very helpful.

Many greetings

It’s not John, it’s Joel.

Correct, I do not have any 3D printer, YET.
I will get it in Sept/Oct 2021. I am designing a complex model of something I will patent, and I need to prove the concept will work with a working model of it. That design with well over 100 3D printed parts and other bits is almost done. And I need a 350 for its print volume and CNC capability, LASER too.

But I know I will need an enclosure and a base cabinet to place the printer on, and that is why I need a fairly accurate 3D model of the printer so the cabinet works. I will start to build that over the summer, and some parts for it will be my first printed objects to make and get experience before making the more complex PLA and ABS parts for the model.

I also plan to present some of the cabinet design here once it gets fleshed out a bit more. (But not the model)

Yes, I have started the CAD but haven’t added too much detail to it yet. I will be sure to include these details as I complete it. Thanks for your input!

Hey Josef,

I went through and added the recesses into the base plate and added the screw holes into the linear modules. The dimensions are as accurate as I can make them so hopefully they will work for you. I have not printed anything to test the dimensions so if you print something to test them let me know how they work.

Hey Everyone,

If anyone has any dimensions that they would like me to put my focus onto let me know. Otherwise I will continue to update the CAD model as I go will more details.

If you would like to use this CAD model, you certainly may, it’s FREE TO USE. If you could just give credit where it is due and if you would like to help me out, consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel.
Again, feel free to reach out if you would like more detail about something specific. I can’t wait to see what accessories you guys make for the Snapmaker 2.0!

Happy Making,
Ryan Tuscher

My next goals:

Finish the Linear Module Connectors
Design the Bed Plate
Design a Module

Hello Ryan,

thanks a lot for your great work. This looks very good. I will have a closer look at the model and try to construct some accessories from it.

If you don’t know it yet, I put some measurements for the modules here: Snapmaker Dimensions Technical Drawings by spitzlbergerj - Thingiverse

Many greetings