Survey received: which accessories do you suggest me?

Hi guys,
I’ve just received the survey/backerkit for my A150 pre-order!
I’m thinking to add the bits kit and I’m wondering if it would be recommended to add somethiong else:
How many Print Sheet and CNC Carving Platform comes with the A150?
Do you think it would be reccomendeed to buy another Print Sheet?
What about the CNC Platform?

Any other suggestion would be fine :slight_smile:

I wrote this on facebook:

If you wanna work with different nozzles, buy some Hot ends. and a print sheet will be good, it can damage fast by fault of the machine or of you. Maybe the CNC bits and an additional Wasteboard. The Filament is not so good, wouldn’t buy it anymore. The enclosure, you have to know if you need it :wink:

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Thanks for your response