Suggestion: On the machine show us how much longer the print will be

Something that should be looked into is both on the SM1 and SM2 and this program, for any gcode that comes from the program the machine should have a pretty good idea how long the job will take. From there it could basically do a count down in which it tells the end user how much longer they have.

This exists already on the SM2 where the elapsed time and estimated remaining time are both shown on the touchscreen. I dont own an SM1 but would be safe to assume this information is displayed similarly!

nope. It just shows how much time went by, but not how much time the print will take. This is with the newest firmware btw


For v1, SnapmakerJS tells you an estimated print time and filament weight used after generating the GCode. It’s not 100% accurate; I don’t think it takes into account pre-heat time, while the controller does count pre-heat time. So the print always takes a few minutes longer than the estimate.

Ya but my point is, it should say it on the machine itself.

Fair enough, perhaps they should update the touch screen UI on the SM1 to match the SM2’s scheme as this information is shown on the SM2

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Assuming the screensize is the same. I 100% agree. The UI part should be easy to copy and paste over to the older machine if that is the case.