Preview ETA time of 3d print without sending to the printer?

I’m wondering if there is a way to inspect how long a print would take from Luban (or from anywhere but the printer itself)?


Cura (a free slicer Snapmaker Luban is based on), Simplify3D,…
For me much more accurate than the preview on the printer.

I suggest you look at a free software called Camotics. It is a simulator that lets you run and adjust your G-Code and it gives an ETA as well as several other facilities like accelerating the time forwards or backwards and showing you how the finished code will look.

Luban gives you an estimate after you generate the GCode. It’s in the lower right corner, below the layer slider. It also includes an estimate of how much filament (by weight) you’re going to use.

The time is usually underestimated a bit, and doesn’t include warm up time. The estimate seem to be off by a percentage. My longest print was estimated by be 14hours and 40minutes, and the actual print time was closer to 15.5 hours.


The estimations on the printer are off by about 30-40% !