Controller miscalculates run time

Dear Readers,
I made a little test today to see how the laser could react to some settings.
I loaded the file on the USBstick and uploaded the file.
Estimated run time 1h27 min.
It took 4h37 min !!!
Is this a Luban problem ? Should I rather write in the Luban topic section ?

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What is the version of Luban you are using? Maybe post the source file here for testing?

Runtime is a known problem to be calculated, same at 3d printing.- I don´t know if this calculation could be adjusted. The controller calculates for itself, same does Luban.

I calculate for myself, for example i do many small tests before laser engraving a huge thing, so i multiplicate the factor of size to the original test-file time taken.
Hope this could be understood.

Makes sense to me. But luban and the firmware must each have a algorithm to estimate job time (probably based on the linear distance of the tool path and the running speed. With some other factors thrown in?) So it doesn’t supprised me that predicted time and actual time are different. But as I read your post @xchrisd it sounds like your saying the predicted time in Luban is different them the predicted time in the controller? Why would snapmaker use different algorithms?

I have yet to have the estimated time match the actual print time. I’ve only used the laser module so far. I printed a picture that was estimated at 3 hours 26 minutes. It actually took 9 hours 18 minutes. I had to pause it at 7 hrs as I didn’t want it running overnight while I was sleeping, resumed in the morning just fine. Even short prints, on the order of less than 2 minutes, take longer than the estimate.

I have no idea how it calculates the print time, but somewhere there must be an error in the formulas.

I now assume twice the print time it says, even three times for longer prints.

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