Suggestion for Controller

Hi Support

I recently experienced some dots being burnt onto my images. When I dug into this, I determined that my PC was busy on other activities which caused temporary interrupts that were just long enough that halted the USB data transfer and laser movement causing a spot to be burnt in.

If I loaded the very same gcode (.nc) file onto a USB stick and then used that fro printing all was OK.

Is it possible to have some memory onboard the controller that could have the .NC file exported to it as an alternative to the USB stick and allow the controller to select that file for printing.


Make do with a larger buffer that takes in sufficient USB connected data and not suffer from communication minor stoppages from the PC with its background task and interrupts on the USB.


Take care and have a great week.


I believe the controller does have a buffer based on how it interacts with OctoPrint. There is seems like the buffer is good for maybe 5 seconds worth of printing depending on how close the succesive points are to each other. It could be made bigger and would help to alleviate your artifacts, but it may not eliminate them completely depending on just how busy your PC is with other tasks and just how close the printing/etching points are to each other.

Thanks fro that… using the USB stick works for me so no problem anymore. I just found it interesting and one that I will do more testing on.

Have a great week.