Strange sound of linearmoduls

Hi everyone,

attached you will find a Video of my new Snapmaker.

When he is moving fast there is a very crazy noise. All screws are tight. Did somebody know how to fix the problem?


Hi Gerrit,
try the following, namely loosen the screws from the heater bed, then disassemble the heater bed.
Now you drive over the touch display times in the front limit switch in the direction of the door. And then compare the distances between the guide carriages.
If they are not the same I know is a little tricky, then loosen the screws from the base plate, now drive forward again in the limit switches and then tighten the base plate.

Also with the heating bed I do the following, I put the screws on, then heat the heating bed to 60 degrees and only then tighten the screws from the heating bed.
Has the following advantage, there is no tension between the base plate and the heating bed which could otherwise lead to such noises again.

With me it has helped since then the drives are quiet!

Thank you very much. I will try and let you know if it worked.


Thanks for the tips. I have readjusted the two rails on the bottom. They were a little bit out (not 100% parallel). Just 0.5 mm but now it’s nearly gone and the sound is much better.

Thanks a lot.

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mine makes this exact same sound will have to give it a spin as well.

after breaking out the micrometre i could see that the rails were 0.3mm out of parallel. i am not a naturally patient person so instead of using science and math, i used physics to align them.

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first i tilted the entire rig up on its end and loosened all 8 screws JUST A LITTLE holding down the right most linear rail. this made it such that if you grabbed the rail with your hand you could see it move just a little bit, but it was not floppy. just able to slide in its grove a little.

next i ran the platter all the way to the front. after this, i torqued ONE screw as hard as my weak programmer hands could muster.

then i ran the platter all the way to the rear, this causes the rail to pivot on that screw i just tightened, and did the same thing on ONE of the screws on the far end.

then i ran the platter back and forth and back and forth until i was convinced the problem was solved. afterwards, i tightened all the remaining screws.

this machine is easily more than 75% quieter now, and the micrometre shows them with 0.02 of parallel. gonna call that a mission successful. got it drawing 8 inch circles and it used to scream during that.

idk i had a story here about what i tried with photos and the fantastic results but its gone now. the tl;dr was i fixed the alignment of the y rails they were off by 0.3mm on one end, as in they were mildly closer to eachother at the back end, and that cut the noise in half. then i re-affixed the heat plate while hot and now the machine is a whisper.

i had never considered that they would not be perfectly parallel since they ride in those grooves, but that 0.3mm was enough. it would scream the loudest while doing large circles while rolling the platter forwards.