Printing wood filament with A250

Hi guys, new A250 user here. I am new to 3d printing so please excuse if my questions steem stupid for an experienced user.

After some successful prints with standard PLA I wanted to try some other materials and did some first smaller prints with wood filament a few days ago.

The first (very simple) print turned out ok, but when I tried to print more complex stuff it stopped feeding filament in the middle of the job, or the first layer didnt even stick to the bed properly. I mounted the filament spool inside the enclosure which reduced the friction of the filament being pulled through that little hole. Also I’ve adjusted some settings, lowered the bed temperature and increased the nozzle temperatur which made it slightly better. Changing the speed didn’t make any difference as far as I can tell.

Has anyone else tried printing wood filament? What settings do you use? How did you make it stick to the bed?

Now I have temporarily changed back to regular PLA and when loading the filament the plastic looks like a thick noodle, like a spaghetti noodle. Does it mean that I have to clean the nozzle with a wire or so? Or would I have to replace the whole extruder-hot-end-kit thing? Any recommendations for a bigger nozzle?


We had a thread on the v1 about nozzles and wood filament. Lots of good advice in the links and comments.


Ah thats great, will check it out immediately! Thanks!