Status screen during printing

I am about 55 hours into 120 hour print. My status screen is stuck at the “make something wonderful” screen. The only option on the screen is to disconnect. If I hit the disconnect button it tells me that the print will stop and asks if I want to do it. obviously this far into a print I do not want to stop the print. how do I get back to the status screen so that I can see the status of the print on the screen?

I have connected luban to see if I can see the status from there. When connected to luban it shows that the printer is printing something else than what it really is. I have found that luban is useless.

Help me get back to my status screen on the printer…

I’m also about to run out of filament so I will get to test the filament run out feature. Hopefully that is not as disappointing as the linear modules and luban.

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Sounds like you started from the touchscreen? I’d say just leave it alone.

If it does fail, it is possible to restart by editing the gcode file - but it’s a pain, avoid that if possible.

From my experience, the filament run out feature works decently well. It will pause the print and raise the head, allow you to load filament, then will resume printing where it left off. If I recall, it will prime the nozzle immediately before starting, so have some tweezers or something handy to pull off the extra or you could end up with a blob on the print.

You could cycle the power and hopefully the power recovery will work properly.
I haven’t tried it on 3D. Other people have had success. Works fine on laser and cnc.

But you’re probably better off waiting for filament run out and doing that.


Thanks for the suggestions. The run out recovery worked well. I did power cycle it once the filament ran out and it reset the screen. The first layer after recovery was a little loose but it worked. This is the most pleased I’ve been with it since I got it.


When it finishes you’re going to post pictures right? You better…:smiley:

so it finished yesterday and I am pleased. There is a very distinct line where the run out came back in and it created a very severe weak point. I put some gorilla glue on it and it will be fine though. This is for my son for Halloween but if it were a display piece it would take a lot of finish work.