Spoiler Alert! Ask me about the Air Purifier? Coming on July 23, 2021!

Lmao yeah most definitely. Comedically my keurig broke the other day so I actually have been without my coffee.

How does the Snapmaker Air Purifier compete against the Zimpure when 3D printing regarding filtration quality, noise level, ease of handling and maintenance costs?

As far as I have read you need to exchange the filters every 4 kg of ABS for example. But don’t get me wrong. I am not advising Zimpure, I would just like to see some comparison.

It’s the purifier for 3D printing function and laser function. It has rich application scenarios and can be used anywhere.

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The Purifier must work with the Enclosure. It does not support to be used alone, nor can it be used with custom enclosure

@W_Jing so that means it interfaces with the enclosure itself right?

Is it an external device that can be located anywhere or does it require more space immediately outside of the enclosure? Top? Side? Back?

HEPA’s are reusable so how is it cost prohibitive?

From the pictures it looks like you can put it anywhere. Doesn’t even need to be in contact with the enclosure. And wireless. :wink:

From the pictures I would assume that it’s going to be a circulating system and not just drawing air through and out. Otherwise I’d think you wouldn’t want the intake and output on the same side. Curious that there are no pictures of the back side.

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Did I miss the 5 answers?

They answered two of them.
One of which didn’t need to be asked if they had bothered to read the blog.


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They answered two, and they did not offer much detail at all, being frugal with their words.

So it sounds like, from what others have posted, this is a very expensive to buy and maintain system so that explains why it is out before the new linear modules (which they are offering at discount). they want more money. I get that, its a business… but it feels like we are being raked over coals on this one. from the parsing of the firmware, sounds like it has sensors to monitor the filter status, which likely means that they will lock out any sort of homebrew filter media to use in the device. like the toner cartridges that say its empty, even if it isnt. HOPEFULLY this is not the case… and at least has an honest accuracy to the status and doesnt lock you out otherwise…

I am still going to consider ordering it, because my situation is hard to vent outside so i havent even done laser at all yet.

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Connect the Enclosure to the Add-on 3 port of the controller, and then connect the Purifier to the Enclosure converter to use

Hi there, so glad to hear that you are interested in this product!

It is designed for the Snapmaker machines by connected with the enclosure.

In regards to the replacement filter, it can be purchased from our website once it is available for pre-order on July 23rd, and it will be shipped from Shenzhen to other countries for storage, but we do need to know how much we stock should first. Hope it helps.

More details about the shipment and cost will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

Main Unit Dimensions (W × D × H) : 240 × 271 × 420 mm (With Air Oulet Connecter); 240 × 240× 420 mm (Without Air Oulet Connecter)"

@W_Jing is there a difference in price between the two? The one with the connector and the one without? Or does it just come with it regardless and it’s user choice to use it or not?

I think he is saying that air outlet connector sticks out beyond the main part 31 mm.

Hope it helps, it is how big it is compared to the Enclosure. :wink:
The pre-order price is $ 449 US dollar.

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The Purifier will be connected via a hose to the Enclosure’s exhaust fan, and can only be used with the enclosure