Snapmakers in Alaska

Well, Rainie said to make a topic for your state and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do :wink:

Anyone here from Alaska by chance?

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Hi there @jpoppinmoneyunit

From sunny Australia you could carve ice-blocks on the CNC where you are (just kidding)

have fun with your new machine


so I actually started 3DMFamily which is CO-based, should I make it 303DM Family, it’s a fun play on words from my other part of the business I am enterprising and our 5-year-old Techno dance club group called COEDMFamily lol CO3DMFamily joins the hash… but community first and open-source our goal is to customize and streamline all things and dance… anybody wanna help me get to understand my CNC I got my first print out pretty well and learned the laser I think after a few pics