I don't care who knows - I love my Snapmaker

Hi all

I have been having fun a lasered some images for a friend in NY. When she checks her FB today she will see the images and the note that they will be in the mail shortly.

The wood was the Basswood from the store and some of the blanks have great wood patterns.

hahahaha… how many of you out there are sharing your life with the Snapmaker… don’t forget your human loved ones hahahaha

Keep having fun.



@Doug They look great! The wood is from the SnapMaker store?

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Hi @rick

I decided to give the store a run and bought a few spares and some of the materials such as the wood squares see https://store.snapmaker.com/product/wood … bloody brilliant to etch on.

Picked up a set of the Carbon Fiber squares and the POM squares for when I start on CNC


Great work!
I sometimes collect a few big tree branches, sawing them into 1/2 - 1 inch thick disks gives you amazing blanks as well and you can sell them for example for weddings and other events.


what a brilliant idea… keep em coming

Are those blocks solid wood or plywood? I bought some from a source on Etsy that turned out to be plywood. They’re great for laser engraving but not so much for CNC carving.

I’ve only done two engravings with the laser and have yet to try the carver, but I’ve printed a lot of things and the only failures I’ve had weren’t necessarily the fault of the machine. I plan to give the carver a tryout this weekend with some PCB milling. I’ll probably try milling the traces with a piece of wood first to verify operation and avoid ruining a copper clad board.

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I have a bunch of trees in the back yard that the birds planted and that I need to cut down. Most I think are elms, which should make decent blanks.

I too bought the plywood ones from Etsy and they are only 2.5mm thick. These little gems are Basswood and ONLY 1.5mm thick and definitely not for the CNC. The Store has the details. They do laser etch beautifully though