Time to say goodbye and thank's

Hi there,
after having an excellent time with my Snapmaker, I sold it today. Basically I found out that I’ll stick with 3D printing. Laser was not more than a tryout, funny, but no mine. CNC I never used.
The Biggest point was the noise. I had to have the printer in my office, which is next to the dorm and I had to go through hell every night when my wife complains about the noise…:slight_smile:
So I decided to switch to a core x/y printer, which hopefully has a better WAF.

Honestly I will miss this outstanding community and all the guys that helped me so much !!! (@brent113, @Atom, @sdj544, and all the others)

Have a good time and stay safe and healthy.



I am curious how much you sold it for, if youbdont mind sharing that info.


Beats me how they would design the control unit in such a way that it requires a tiny fan from hell. Don’t these people understand anything about noise pollution?

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