Snapmakerjs - no wlan

i use Snapmakerjs 2.7.1 and Snapmaker 2.0 (350).
On the machine I have set up my w-lan. I have installed the software (Windows 10). When I start the program, only COM1 is available. Even the refresh button does not change this.I have also intslliert the driver.
Does anybody have an idea?

the com ports are only used for USB connection. the wireless connection is either “auto detect” or by entering the printers IP.

Where can I enter the IP?

i’m not at the machine that has luban on it. so i cant be 100% sure. but it is the same area where you are looking at the COM settings, i want to say there is a button or tab up there that says “wifi” and once that is selected it should switch from showing the COM settings to the wifi settings. when i get home i will post again with more detail.

That would be great.


I would suggest you to take the “new” software luban and try again.
Snapmakerjs is not supported anymore.

I don’t believe SnapmakerJS has WLAN support at all. It was designed for the v1, which didn’t have Wifi. As @xchrisd says, Luban is the way to go.

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Thanks for the help.
I installed the LUBAN software and the WLAN worked of course.

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