Snapmakerjs Downloads and Updates

We will release the beta version of the software under this topic. Also, beta version of future updates will be released here first. Your feedback is very much appreciated!

Latest Version (Jan. 2, 2020): v2.7.1

History Version 22 (Dec. 25, 2019): v2.7.0
History Version 21 (Sep. 3, 2019): v2.6.1
History Version 20 (Aug. 20, 2019): v2.6.0
History Version 19 (Jun. 13, 2019): v2.5.5
History Version 18 (Apr. 3, 2019): v2.5.4
History Version 17 (Mar. 22, 2019): v2.5.3
History Version 16 (Feb. 15, 2019): v2.5.2
History Version 15 (Jan. 14, 2019): v2.5.1
History Version 14 (Dec. 5, 2018): v2.5.0
History Version 13 (Sep.30, 2018): v2.4.5
History Version 12 (Sep. 11, 2018): v2.4.5
History Version 11 (Aug. 15, 2018): v2.4.4
History Version 10 (Jul. 26), 2018: v2.4.3
History Version 9 (Jul. 2, 2018): v2.4.2
History Version 8 (Jun. 14, 2018): v2.4.1
History Version 7 (Jun. 13, 2018): v2.4.0
History Version 6 (May 18, 2018): v2.3.2
History Version 5 (Apr. 16, 2018): v2.3.1
History Version 4 (Apr. 2, 2018): v2.3.0
History Version 3 (Dec. 22, 2017): v2.2.2
History Version 2 (Dec. 6, 2017): v2.1.1
History Version 1 (Oct. 23, 2017): v2.0.2

Driver for Mac OS

  • Download: CH34x_Driver_Mac_V1.4
  • Info: If you use a Mac to connect to the machine, you need to install this driver in your Mac. Otherwise, the software cannot recognize your Mac, or your Mac may reboot automatically when connected to the machine.
  • Uploaded: Dec. 22, 2017
  • Version: V1.4

Driver for Windows

  • Download: CH34x_Driver_Windows_V3.4
  • Info: A tiny minority of people using Windows computers may run into problems when connecting the printer to the computer. If you do, please download this driver and install it in your computer.
  • Uploaded: Dec. 22, 2017
  • Version: V3.4

To use the CNC carving function, you must download the following configuration files and follow the User Manual to prepare for carving.

Configuration Files for CNC Carving


@Rainie I have been reading the User Guide and it is good. what would be great is a series of short 'How To" videos or tutorials that mimic and follow those instructions, such as changing a filament. This would reinforce the learning.

Yes, you are right! We are planning to shoot the videos. The content is mainly from the User Manual. Stay tuned!


Well done, it is all coming together in a comprehensive manner. Have a great week.

Better than articles about software is, when You shipped the prnter itself! Youve promised July, now we have end of October!! Im upset!

@Rainie, thanks for beeing a part of beta stage ;-).

First wish :wink: … please sign your software packages. Would be easier not getting warnings when running setup.

We use


Thanks! We will check it out. Added to requirement backlog.

@whimsycwd I also use this signing certification for my software, it is easy to include.

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I real want you can give us the test.gcode when we use the CNC.
It hard to find the example file.


Having issues with port recognition / baud speeds on both the JS and SNAPMAKER 3D. WIn10 x64


When one software connected to the port. The port is used. It can’t be connected to two softwares in the same time. Normally, you don’t have to uninstall the software. Close the program will work. Kill the process can reassure it.

Having an issue with the CNC, the drill isn’t going down cutting into the material, its just floating above the surface at the set origin point. How do you tell the machine to go down a certain depth in the Z axis? its probably super easy but im not seeing it.

Did you generate G-code according to the User Manual? Please send us the G-code you used.
Please tell us what you did before the carving starts. If possible, please send us a video indicating the CNC bit is not going down.
Answering these questions will help us locate the problem. Thank you!

Thank you for your suggestions to make Snapmakerjs better. Here comes the latest version. Your feedback is always appreciated. =)

Change Log

  1. Laser G-code generation, return to origin after printing is finished.
  2. Change how the software detects status.
  3. Upgrade to serial port v6.
    • Solve crash in windows when unplugging the usb cable.
  4. Prevent doing CPU-critical job like preview & G-code-generate during printing.
  5. Use M112 to do emergency stop, and a pop-up model to instruct users to restart machine.
  6. [Bug fix] NON-ASCII characters in filename causes file download error 500.
  7. Re-implement G-code sender to avoid buffer overflow.
  8. [Bug fix] When laser engraving finishes, remaining time is “Invalid Date" instead of 0.

Snapmakerjs for Mac OS

Snapmakerjs for Windows 64 bit

Snapmakerjs for Windows 32 bit

Snapmakerjs for Linux-ia32

  • Download: Snapmakerjs-2.1.1-linux-ia32
  • Uploaded: Dec. 6, 2017
  • Version: V2.1.1
  • Size: 62.7MB
  • note: sudo ./snapmakerjs # Must use sudo or serialport can’t be accessed.

Snapmakerjs for Linux-x64

  • Download: Snapmakerjs-2.1.1-linux-x64
  • Uploaded: Dec. 6, 2017
  • Version: V2.1.1
  • Size: 61.7MB
  • note: sudo ./snapmakerjs # Must use sudo or serialport can’t be accessed.

Snapmakerjs for Linux-armv7

  • Download: Snapmakerjs-2.1.1-linux-armv7
  • Uploaded: Dec. 6, 2017
  • Version: V2.1.1
  • Size: 55.5MB
  • note: sudo ./snapmakerjs # Must use sudo or serialport can’t be accessed.

Indeed, it looks like the software is written by a obscure person longing for my credentials, passwords and credit cards info.
First time I downloaded my Mac crashed big time, took me over a week to recover.

You mean your Mac broke because of Snapmakerjs? Normally, the OS can’t be this fragile. even there are bugs in Snapmakerjs. Can you reproduce the problem? other infos like OS version. screenshot(photo by phone) will be helpful.

Most probably it had to do with using your beta software on a MacOS High Sierra beta software…anyway, I did recover after some extensive research on the internet and some deep Terminal stuff, so happily that is past.

Now back to “normal”: following some Fusion 360 lessons and trying to figure out what G-code stands for and how to use this.

As said before, it might be an idea to include some simple small example G-code projects, so one can try out a small name plate in wood or a small puppet with 3d-printing,


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using freebsd under a virtual machine will allow real time software function, while protecting your native os from hostile software…

freebsd runs native linux software without mods…

just a thought…

(ran freebsd for years on large system images in both real time and generic environments…)


About simple example G-code, please stay tuned. I am working on adding Vector engraving/ Vector cutting into Snapmakerjs. That means that for simple project, you don’t need to use Fusion 360. Download SVG file from internet or design 2D svg in Inkscrape will works. A few more weeks to wait. The workflow will like image laser engraving feature.