Downloads and Updates for Firmware

May 30, 2019: Snapmaker-GD32Base-2.11

Thank you for your suggestions to make the Snapmaker better. Here comes the latest version of the firmware. Your feedback is always appreciated. Please post bug reports and feedback to this topic: Bug Reports and Feedback for Snapmaker-GD32Base-2.X =)

Change Log:

  1. Workspace > Laser: power accepts setting of 0.1%. For the 1600mW laser module, a smaller power granularity can be used for focusing. For example, You can use 0.5% of 1600mW for focusing. This prevents the laser from burning the material when focusing.

  2. Optimized user experience of the V1.1 enclosure. After opening the door detection switch, weak light focusing can be used even when the door is opened.

  3. Bugfixes: deletes the .bin file when the upgrade is successful.

  4. Added support to Z-Axis Extension Module. When you attach the Z-Axis Extension Module to your printer, upgrade the firmware to this version. Reconnect Snapmakerjs to the printer. Enter “M1025 M1” in the console and press “Enter”. When the software replies “ok”, your printer is upgraded successfully.
    When you want to use the original linear module, enter “M1025 M0” in the console and press “Enter”. When the software replies “ok”, your printer can only print items as tall as 125 mm.
    Also, you need to upgrade your software to the latest version and change the settings of the machine to generate G-codes for taller models.



  1. Only products that come with the USB Disk can upgrade the firmware.
  2. You can check the About page for the firmware version after the upgrade.