Snapmaker2.0 USB Memory Stick

Snapmaker2.0 USB Memory Stick

I left it plugged into the USB port of my computer and it caught fire.
It smelled like burning and was so hot that I couldn’t hold it and it burned a hole.

Is your USB memory stick OK?

I have noticed it gets extremely hot when plugged into a USB hub for even a few minutes.

If you leave it plugged in, it will get very hot, and the worst that can happen is you might end up like me.

The USB memory stick that comes with Snapmaker 2.0 keeps giving me an error message when plugging it in and asking me to fix it.

Be careful out there!

Feedback received.

We will test the USB flash drive at our testing room.

It’s not unusual for a USB drive to get a little warm with use, whether a few minutes or hours. In fact, it’s scientifically expected. USB drives are used to store and transfer information between itself and the host device (i.e. your computer). The constant transfer between the two causes the heat up as it takes energy to move data. Through repetitive use, excess energy is used and transformed into heat.

Metal is also much better at absorbing heat than most other components that make up a flash drive. As you can imagine, metal USB drives often become warmer than plastic or wood drives. The metal body should never become too hot to handle.

A few things can, however, cause a USB to overheat and potentially cause harm. A properly working drive should not overheat, but if the port it is connected to is defective, then it could be receiving too much power. Excess power, as noted above, is transferred into heat and could potentially burn you or the drive. This is especially true with the metallic connector, so take care.

Also, if your drive is getting too hot, then it’s also possible that an interior component has failed and too much electricity is passing through the USB.

The USB stick that came with Snapmaker is damaged and has a hole in it, so I’m displaying it as an object.

Solve the problem of Snapmaker 2.0 USB port showing “corrupt” and checking the drive every time when connected to a Windows 10 PC.

Please try to use the Snapmaker 2.0 Android Touch Panel for the disconnect.

Edwin I’m an electrical and computer engineer, while I agree a faulty USB port could cause this I highly doubt that’s the case on this one. Most likely due to the fact that it is impossible to safely eject the stick from the machine without corrupting it, over time this physically damages the stick and will eventually lead to some sort of failure. Unfortunately @Blockmodule had his fail in the worst way possible, btw block did any damage occur to your pc? For safe measure I wouldn’t use that port, disconnect it if possible. The heat could have potentially caused damage to it. I wasn’t there so it’s hard to judge.

Also I felt I heard your explanation before…

Here’s the full article for those that want to read it.

All the USB ports are still working fine now.

Except for the broken USB flash drive.

The USB flash drive has abnormal heat and damage is not the same as normal heat.

The USB 3.0 port that the damaged USB flash drive was stuck in is still working fine.

I guess it burns when various conditions come together.

Please be careful not to leave it plugged in.


The touchscreen will copy the file when you tap Start. Users can take the USB flash drive away to avoid heat.