Flash drive was pulled while printing

Long story short my flash drive got pulled out while printing. The print head went back home. I put the drive into my computer and is said there were errors. Formatted the drive, put a gcode file on it, and put it back into my Snapmaker. I can access the files and load it up. The temperatures come up but the print never starts. What should I do? I’m going to try and flash the firmware. Anyone else ever do this particular stupid, and how did you fix it?

Whew, Dodged a bullet with that one.
I loaded the 2.4 firmware then reloaded the 2.11. Everything is back to normal.

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Hey @Thick8!
There could be some heating “issues”. In my case, if i print ABS or hotter PLA (220°C and above) i have to turn off the M109 - “Wait for Hotend Temperature” command in Simplify3d.
If you look on your printer using the terminal, the printer waits minimum 10 seconds for holding the heat before going on to the print.

I hope this helps.
Greets Chris