Snapmaker wont do filament change

While doing a print, at about 80% it stopped and a message came on screen that computer lost connection. since then I can not send a print via computer or usb. When I do, it goes to the SNAPMAKER screen. I can JOG and move all axis, but when I try to do a CHANGE FILAMENT and confirm, the temps do not change and after aprox 30 sec goes to the SNAPMAKER screen and can not do anything and pressing the screen does nothing… The light on the back of the controller also flashers red and blue…HELP

Mine did a similar thing once. Mine was acting up after multiple reboots. I finally got it to work again by powering the printer off and unplugging both ends of the ac adapter and unplugging the usb cable from the snapmaker. I reseated all the ends of all the cables (I don’t really think this step applies to your issue bit it can’t hurt I guess). After about 5 minutes I plugged the printer back into power and turned th printer on. It was back to normal after that. Maybe that will help?

Seems to be a loose heat or temp wire in the 3d Module. When I take the plate off the right side to expose, and give them a wiggle or tug, the temperature starts to rise. Temp fix for now. Also found my unit did not come with screws holding the feed motor in place with the heat sink. Snapmaker is investigating.

Hi Micheal,

We just figure out the reason for your problem. The temperature doesn’t rise, the machine reboots automatically and the LED on the controller flashes red and blue because the thermistor is not inside the heated block. You can check if the thermistor comes out of the heated block.
Pull the thermistor so that it stays in the middle of the heated block and try again. I believe the filament change problem will be solved.

Look forward to your feedback!

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Did as suggested. Still failing intermittently. Able to work if I pull cover off and bend cable into shape like above photo. Once I bend around fan and put cover on, it fails. When failed, I did get a 12V reading from the connector on the left side. Has to be a hairline crack in the heater cable or faulty temp sensor.


Thank you for the information.

  1. Could you please tell me how you get the 12V reading and which port do you get the reading from? A photo showing how you get the reading will be helpful too!
  2. After you put the cover on, could you please take a photo similar to the following one? We need to see if the thermistor is sticking out from the other side of the heated block.
    heating tube

Thank you!

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The 12V (maybe 24V not sure as memory fails me) was measured on the left side connector where the Heat element wire connects to the board in the module. The measurement was done, then doing a filament change and noticing no heat on the element. The Thermistor position looks identical to your photo. I made sure the bulb on the end is in far enough to align in the middle where the setscrew is. I also made sure the barrel of the element was turned so the leads were vertical so when bent to place cover on, would not bend on top of each other and short. Again, I suggest the sharp bend that is needed to put the right cover of the module in place has damaged the heat element, and if I undo the bend…it will work. All I want is a new heat cable and the 4 screws that were never installed in the module. PRETTY PLEASE, or you can send me a new 3d Module and I will send the defective back to you on your dime for analysis.

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(Shows wires in pulled out position so it will print. Notice bend taken off wire at near heat block.


We will send you a new heating cable and a new thermistor for replacement. Please send me your order information (your name, email that is associated with your payment account). We will ship you the new parts as soon as possible.

Look forward to your reply. Thank you!

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I have a similar problem, though I didn’t open the print head to look at the cables. This is the mail I send to the mail.

After a few successful prints it stopped printing right before the end. See cats ears.

The screen went all white.

I had to turn off the device.

I wanted to print a new file but the nozzle won’t heat up just the heated bed and after a white it goes to that white Snapmaker screen and the light at the back is blinking red.

What can I do? Is there a reset option? Did 3D printing head broke?

If there are faulty wires or connections in the head, how can I fix this.

Thanks for your help.

Power off and unplug the power. Leave off for at least 5 min. Unplug and replug the cable at both ends going to the the module. Plug power back in, turn on machine and try to replace filament again.

Didn’t help. Nozzle still won’t heat up. Snapmaker stops and goes to white screen.

Make sure connections are secure. I’ve noted that when the module becomes unplugged, the system will enter this state.

Ir is not that!

It’s the problem with the heater, thermistor cable. I wanted to start a new topic as it is a design problem (or quality control or bad assembly) but the forum does’t let me. I send the email to support, but nobody answers.
Printer works, until it doesn’t. After I wiggle the cables from the heater and thermistor it starts working again but not for long.
I am afraid to print larger files that take longer times, cause I don’t know when it will stopped heating the nozzle.

Please somebody from Snapmaker answer me back.

I believe this will resolve my printer’s issue too. Amazon have many heater wires and thermistor wires… does anyone know if there are any specifics that I need to be aware of?