Snapmaker Store

Snapmaker store often doesn’t have what I need and when they do the charges for shipping are too high. Is there anywhere I can order things like thermistors, heat blocks and nozzles?

There are many Snapmaker resellers by now. In Germany for example, Snapmaker Ersatzteile kaufen | IGO3D, Snapmaker | 3D Prima - Top 3D-Drucker, 3D-Scanner, Filament, Resin & Zubehör günstig kaufen or

Also, you can order nozzles, specifically, from pretty much anywhere—any MK8 nozzle should fit, and they’ll be available from anyone selling 3D printer parts, as well as Amazon and the other usual suspects.

The full list of Snapmaker resellers and distributors for all regions is here: Where to Buy - Snapmaker

Amazon…they have just about everything. Lol!

Unfortunately, some stuff only comes from the Store. When I damaged the 3DP heated bed, I had to wait for it to ship from China. When I ordered it, there were only 2 in stock. I’ve since ordered a backup.

I ordered the cooling fan inside the 3DP print head from Amazon. The only down side is the model I ordered ( had the DC leads reversed in the connector. The molex connector was too small for me to reverse the wires, so I just clipped them and shrink wrapped them together backwards. The fan won’t run if it’s wired wrong, so it’s not dangerous, just misleading.