I need a complete hot end for my printer. Can I order one from Amazon?

Snapmaker seem to be out of stock for basic supplies. I need a heat block and heat tube but it’s out of stock. Is there a substitute? Is there a clone hot end I can get from Amazon

Why take another, the original is in stock on Aliexpress, Snapmaker Original has also opened a store there, there are even partial Easter discounts!!!

Here what you are looking for :

@Blauskink the hot end you linked is for the 2.0, which is NOT compatible with the snapmaker original. The hot end for the original does not seem to be in stock on aliexpress.

@MyrtleRx The thermistor is in stock on the snapmaker website, but the heating tube is not. It might be worth it to send them an email to see what’s up and let us know. Hopefully it’s just supply limitations due to the current situation in China.

Thanks. That’s what I needed

Sorry, had overlooked that you have yes the Snapmaker Original !!!

It’s probably too late to help, but I ordered these Thermistors
in 2018 they worked great, just a little (lot) long.

I got these tips as well.

No leads on the hot end, but it should be easy enough to get a generic one.

Thanks. Do you know which heat block I can order. I use the old plug from the thermistor and splice it into the shortened version of the thermistor wires. Working great. Again thanks