Snapmaker Power Supply Upgrade

Hi All,
Recently my Snapmaker Power Supply died. Although it was under warranty and quickly replaced by Snapmaker, I chose to replace it with a third party upgrade. The Power Supply I picked has no fan (super quiet), more power, and even came overnight. Unfortunately there are some drawbacks. Specifically, Snapmaker will likely void your warranty and my new Power Supply does not support power loss recovery.

If you’re interested in a long writeup of what I did, checkout my blog: Upgrading my Snapmaker Power Supply: Eliminate the noise!

Also, I wanted to shout-out Snapmaker support. After a few quick emails, they emailed me a replacement as it was still under warranty at the time.


Just a short question: Why did you not just reuse the pcb in the existing power supply? Then you would still have the power loss recovery feature? (And just as important the breathing light animation ;-)) Also no need to cut the custom snapmaker power cord to from the supply to the controller.

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That’s a really great point! I will consider adding down the line. At the time I was trying to quickly get the project together and I didn’t see an easy way to mount the board with the new power supply. I’ll give an update if I get the chance to add it.

I think you can just lead the 24V back into the case and connect it on the 24v input on the pcb. (as the actual PSU is out of the way anyway.

You’ll even have the loud fan back that way :slight_smile: Or print a casing that you can also attach it to the din-rail you have anyway. That might be the best of both worlds.

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