Luban adds a rectangle when preparing for Lasercut from svg

When I prepare a svg file for Lasercutting, Luban always adds a Recantgle in the size of the SVG around. How can this be prevented?

Or any tips on preparing the svg to avoid that?

Hello flothievent
It is possible that the frame is part of your .svg. To check and change this: Open the file in e.g. Inkscape->Object->ungroup - Then click on the supposed frame, delete it. Group all again and save your file.
Maybe this is the solution.

Luban isn’t adding the frame, it’s your software that’s generating the SVG. I think SVG files inherently contain the bounds, wether that’s an actual rectangle, crop marks, etc is up to your software. I use Illustrator, and it uses crop marks, but those aren’t visible in Luban, but are used to set the bounds and size of the image.

Sort of. If you poke at the underlying XML, you’ll find that the document root has “width” and “height” attributes, but I doubt any visual representation is specified for them in the standard (sorry, I know that’s technical). It’s possible in this case that the software the SVG was created in was cruddy, or this might be Just Another Luban Bug.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will try it with another Application to generate fhe SVG and try again :+1:t3: