Snapmaker J1 sagging right door

Hi makers, just got my J1 today and it looks stunning, nice thick aluminum and nice styling.
The calibration procedure was pretty easy and nice aswell.
I did notice a couple of things:

  • there was some white powder like residue on the printer I assume this was from transport or maybe from the production process, it could be whiped of quite easily.
  • there were some black hard to remove spots on the inside of the top lid, I assume these are from the production process, Seems like oil or something very hard to remove, tips would be welcome :grin:
  • the right side door has some play in the hinge meganism resulting in a sagging door (it touches yhe top of the display housing) the left door doesn’t have this and is perfectly straight.
    Are these doors available separately?

Well guess I’ll start printing something :wink:

I had the same problem and placed a washer for screws with a thickness of one mm in the lower hole between the hinge and the frame. The doors fit together.

I think i noticed a few things: there was some white powder-like residue on the printer, probably from transport or the production process, which wiped off quite easily. There were some black, hard-to-remove spots on the inside of the top lid, possibly oil from the production process; any tips on how to remove them would be welcome., the right side door has some play in the hinge mechanism, causing it to sag and touch the top of the display housing, whereas the left door is perfectly straight