J1s as it should be on delivery?

Been fiddling with it for over a month now. Have some experience from before owning three prusa mini, two kingroon kp3s and one ender 5+ so i bought premium this time for idex feature so I could get on printing without fiddling with the printer to get it where I want.

Well - heatcreep/coldcreep and serious warping issues due to the large fan in the back got me a bit annoyed. Creep was fixed going to Bondtech CHT and thermal grease and the last fix was disabling the large fan in the back for better solutions for cooling while printing. Yesterday it worked like a champ for the first time :slight_smile:

ChrisUfo cooling mod was the last feature to get better cooling for the nozzle. Today I will continue testing with another version from 10E Shoes (both are printed on one of my Prusa Mini with Prusa PC Blend and a 0.25 nozzle with organic support).

Last mod for the printer included Daniel Gustorff mod. I needed long large pieces to test if I got rid of the warping issue for PLA so this was the perfect test candidate and I must say I like it. I usually print with hightemp materials and use closed chamber (one more reason for buying this printer).

I have both 0.4 and 0.6 nozzle sets and all test right now are done with the 0.6 but I had the same issues with 0.4 as with 0.6. I have also left Luban totally for Prusa Slicer since I miss many of the features. To be honest I only used Luban in the beginning since I thought all the problems I had was related to Slicer settings etc etc.

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Printet with a 0.6 and scaled up to 133% - UFO left 10E right (dirt on overhang is from me after the print)

Todays test will be a combined version of the UFO and 10E (modified version on the right). I prefer the design of the 10E housing both for the 45 degree fan and that it does not protrude so much on the back.


That 10E fan duct is the first one I really like more than the old 2x5015 variant. Thanks for pointing that one out!

Just one question: is it possible to remove the hotend module with that fan being mounted? It seems like the part that is in the waybwhen changing the hotend module is a separate piece, but I could not see how these two are supposed to be assembled… magnets?

Nice mod! I tried the angled fan at first but could never get it to fit within the constraints of the machine. Glad someone got it figured out! Awesome job!

I am only modding - 10E is the one to give cred for the angled fan part. I only put your (UFO) “nozzle” part on his and it’s an awesome mix :slight_smile:

You need to move 4 screws to change nozzle now sadly. But the result in cooling is like miles apart from running stock fan/mods so its likely this printer will have designated nozzle sizes. My prusa minis and ender 5+ have the e3d revo nozzles so have quickchange on them when i need it. If Snapmaker would make a heater block for the e3d revo nozzles the nozzle change would not be an issue with this mod and I believe they would have an awesome product/solution that end users would love. If 10E gives some more thought to his design it would not need support and more endusers would be able to print it (Snapmaker could add 100grams of ASA or the like in the delivery to print your own fanshroud? :wink:

If I have some more sparetime in the future I might start up my lathe/mill to make my own mod of this since I love the revo solution.

Thanks! I will definitely download that one and will see if I can change the design somehow to allow nozzle changes. Let’s see :slight_smile:

if you are better than me on 3d design do a design using “antler design” like this for the prusa mini. This solution is by far one of the best ever solutions I have done and lets me print anything on them more or less perfectly.


Whoa :astonished:

I would have no problem recreating the 3D model of that one, but I am definitely not as capable in areodynamics as the guy who designed it. I do understand enough of that field though to know that this design is definitely tricky to transfer to another printer setup - any change has an effect that needs to be taken into account in order to keep the flow as it should.

Thus: sorry, but I’ll probably stick to the 10E…

That antler design is pretty awesome.

If I get some time, I’ll take a look at the 10E design and see if I can learn how they managed to get everything to fit and make a new version of mine.

Well - I can use tinkercad somewhat so threw together an antler design that is printing right now. Hopefully I will be able to do a printtest today with it. No knowledge of airflow or aerodynamics here either but I can itterate and test :slight_smile:

There are some places I understand will cause turbulence but its just a quick test.

The turbulences in the pipes are uncritical, I guess. The evil part is to get the air flow around the nozzle as you want it (i.e. cooling everything without the opposing nozzles canceling the flow out - and all that despite the rather small tubes :wink:



if I am interpreting the E10 file correctly, is there only a 5015 fan in it? And due to the omission of the housing half, is there an even flow through both channels? Do you have the impression that this is the case (e.g. feeling the airflow)?
If so, then I would also prefer this variant to the 2x4015 fans - if only because of the weight.
Then you have already correctly placed the outlet nozzles further down.

The turbulence is not the only problem with the model shown with the cylindrical pipes (antler). Due to the kinks and the different pipe lengths, there are different dynamic pressures, which then lead to different flow velocities and volumes. This can be compensated with adapted cross-sections, for example. In order for the outcoming air to reach the nozzle, it must be “fast” enough at the channel outlet. This is determined by the opening size in relation to the duct in front of it. You can “play” very well with this variant.

If Mechanikus considers the design in terms of hotend interchangeability, the result will be good, as expected. I would also be very interested in this variant and can offer my CAD support. I create fully parameterized CAD models so that any adjustments could be implemented quickly.

@Mechanikus , @asworx would be great if you two would join forces to generate a E10, antler mix with a removable duct for easy hotend switch. Could become the new star on the block.
In case you didn’t read through the comments section of the antler mod, he used a free app to do his flow simulations: https://www.simscale.com/
There is a YouTube video about how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wun9EuVTV0w
Looks quite easy.

I agree it would be great if someone who is good at design would give it a shot. I am trying my uglydesigned antlermod now against the UFO/10E mod to see if it works the same. Not even sure I can remove the tool just trying it out for now so I don’t have to recalibrate.

Printing this Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects in copy mode scaled up to 133% since still using 0.6 nozzles.

Homemade antler on the left and UFO/10E mod on the right. Some small differences mostly to UFO/10E mod favor but not possible to exchange nozzles sadly with this combination.

Thanks for the pictures! I am rather occupied at the moment but I get to that nozzle sooner or later :wink: