Has anyone heard from Snapmaker?

I’m just curious if anyone else has heard from Snapmaker about their faulty J1? It’s been radio silence for weeks now, like alot of you i see on this forum I’m extremely disappointed, displeased and disappointed in Snapmaker for A: shipping out ao many machines with issues and B: Snapmakers complete lack of customer service about the J1 is extremely surprising. So my question to faulty J1 owners is when was your last correspondence with Snapmaker about your J1?


Negative. I’ve been trying to reach them since before the Chinees New Year celebration week and a half off before the end of January and I haven’t been able to get them to reply to any of my attempts. My 1 month old F350 started having Y axis issues and is still sitting collecting dust. I hope this doesn’t mean they’re gone out of business. I’m still waiting on a dual extruder head I got for it, too.

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My experience with snapmaker so far is that they release hardware and deal with the issues that they’re presented with After the release. I’m not surprised that they’ve shipped machines with issues. I had to replace three of my linear modules and a carriage on my SM2A350 before it functioned properly. Now they’ve released the Dual extruder with many issues plaguing their customer base like things from constant layer shifts, messy color printing, 0 degree extruding issues, among other things. Welcome to the cool kids club illohminati. I’m sure they’ll get to the more pressing issues surrounding the J1 eventually. We’ve been told their number of employees is down quite a bit right now due to covid. Among the hardware releases they’re going through right now, I imagine their capacity for bug fixing and other things is reduced for now.

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