Issues with new J1. Looking for suggestions!

Hi there,

I received my J1 printer recently snd I’m experiencing some pretty big issues trying to make test prints. It seems impossible to get good bed adhesion causing most of the test prints (the g-code that was pre-installed on my printer) to print without fail) The only think that prints for me are the calibration prints (during calibration). Note: seeing that I’m a first time poster, it would seem that I cannot post more than one media link. So I’ll put all the images/videos into one google drive folder and reference the files by name in the body of my post.

Here are a couple videos showing me trying to printing the belt tension gauge.

Video_01 & Video_02

And some pics of the train wrecks that have been my attempts to print a benchy. Both seems to fail at the same point (the rooftop). The print detached from the build plate and spaghetti was served!

SpagBoat & SpagBoat2

It’s pretty frustrating/depressing that the pre-loaded test prints don’t print successfully. I followed the calibration steps carefully and have done so repeatedly.

Here are some observations/thoughts/theories:

-When printing, I can hear the nozzle rubbing against the print layer. The first layer was the loudest, as it seemed to scrape against the PTE plate. I assure you that i carefully levelled the plate in the calibration process. I feel like there might be an issue with the self calibration. I did notice a small amount of filament oozing during the calibration. Not sure if that could be affecting the calibration. Even with good adhesion, that kind of contact between the nozzle and print will most definitely eventually break the adhesion.

-it seems that every time i perform a bed level, i need to adjust. This strikes me as odd especially when doing two bed levels back to back. How has it lost it’s level so quickly?

-the glass plate is extremely tight when mounting/dismounting to the bed. Perhaps the force i apply is throwing off the calibration/bed level?

-the pealing up im seeing on this attempt at the shark model, makes me feel like the filter needs to be dried maybe? I’m also seeing very raggedy edges on the first layer…maybe it’s an over extrusion problem?


I did some new tests tonight in copy mode so I could see if the right extruder is experiencing the same issues. To my suprise, the right extruder (or maybe just the filament loaded in it?) was able to get through a print. I DID cancel the left extruder because it was having the same ugly rough finish and raggedy edges that have led to failed prints every time.


I still heard some “nozzle rubbing” but the prints were a success from the right extruder/filament.

Here’s a pic of the cancelled left extruder print. You can see the very rough surface of that first layer here:


As you can see. Lots of issues/questions. Would love to hear some expert opinions!


For added context, here is a close up of the most recent cancelled print first couple layers:

One more post for tonight. The Benchy print using the right extruder and orange filament worked without a hitch. So now it has me thinking that my issues is either the left extruder specifically and/or the white filament. The next test will be using the left extruder with the orange filament to rule out the filament as the issue.

Stay tuned!


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