Snapmaker has limited WiFi options

I know this probably doesn’t effect hobbists, but it’s a huge MISS if you would like to see more snapmakers in instituions and business.

I went to add three Snapmakers to the wifi network of the community college that just purchased them, and… it wasn’t possible because you can only connect to visible networks with no entry portal page, or user authentication. Whaat!!!

It’s a common practice to hide the SSID of a private network, and this college has such a network to connect all college-owned devices.

Unfortunately, the WiFi connection page of the Snapmaker can only connect to visible networks. There is no “Other Network” button typically found on other devices that enable you to enter the SSID name.

The snapmaker also can’t log into to the visible student network, because there is no option to enter authentication information (eg: user name and password)

The Snapmaker ALSO can’t log into the open network, because there is pass-thorough page that requires an “OK” press to agree to the college TOS.

So, three strikes and you’re out !

Perhaps the machine should be branded as “hobby use only”.


Hi friend,
I am sorry about the issue. It is known to us and we do have a plan to solve the issue.
Thanks for the feedback and have a great day.

Something to try, use your phone as a hotspot and set the wifi and password the same as the hidden one, connect to the phone hotspot and then it will be set in the snapmaker and then you should be able to connect to the hidden network after you turn off the hotspot.

Thats an interesting suggestion. I’ll try it.

For the record, this trick did not work. It ignored thehidden network even though it know about it when it wasn’t hidden.