Snapmaker Freezing midway through CNC job

Have Snapmaker 250. Running a CNC job. 3 times today the machine just stopped midway through the job. Spindle kept running but the XYZ axis just stopped. The machine seemed to be frozen as it would not respond to the keypad to stop or pause. Only way to get it to stop was to open the door of the enclosure, hit the emergency stop or power off. Saw a couple threads related to this. Anyone have any thoughts? Are there logs that can be looked at and how do I get to them?

I’m assuming this was a large .cnc file running from the touchscreen?

You could export the touchscreen logs by inserting a USB stick into the controller and then going somewhere in settings on the touchscreen to Export.

If you could post those we’ll look them over and see if there’s anything interesting.

Is it stopping at the same place?

Can you share the g-code?

Check that all your connections are good. With power off unplug and replug everything.

sdj544 and brent113 Thank you
Here are the logs and one of the gcode files that crashed.

Since I am a new user it will not let me upload attachments and the files are too big to paste. They logs are text files. Forum says they need to be .doc? Can I email these to you or some other way?

Zip them into a zip file, should be able to upload that.

To answer your earlier question, the machine freezes about 30 minutes into a 4 - 7 hour job. I initially thought that there was a corrupted gcode file and recreated it in LUBIN. It stopped about the same place, but slightly different. Loaded a completely different gcode with the same result. I zipped the files, but am still blocked as I am a new user. going to contact forum admin.

Do the things required to get to trust level one, or host the files on Google drive or Dropbox.


You are at 4 topics viewed out of 5. You’re fine on the other 2 requirements.

Hi Brent113, Here is a Google Drive link to the zip files

Included all the logs Snapmaker loaded and one of the gcode files that froze.
Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this.
I have the latest firmware installed.

Gotta love the Snapmaker touchscreen quality. You’re printing in the future.

Yea, it looks like the touchscreen just simply crashed:

There’s also a lot of other activity in the log showing something has gone wrong in the touchscreen. I don’t see anything wrong with your .cnc file.

I don’t see anyway you can resolve this, you’re going to have to send these logs to support so they can fix the bugs.