Snapmaker breakaway

Does anyone else seem to have a problem using breakaway filament with a hardened steel nozzle? I had no issues using it with the brass nozzle. I have raised the hotend to 230 to compensate for the Hardened steel but it will not extrude, Iam currently using wedges on both extruders so that dosnt seem to be the issue, Im thinking that the standby temperature should be higher as well but I have tried that and it really dosnt help. Any input would be apppreciated

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Never used PVA.
For most people started it to work at 220°C with brass, only 10°C rising temperature for hardened nozzle seems for mee too less. Try 240 to 250°C and see if it helps.
Do you have the new dual extruder door as well?

yes I have the new door installed, any suggestions for a standby temp for 240 or 250

I would start testing with the difference of 30degree to the old pause hold temperature.
This would 150°C + 30°C, maybe even 200°C would work with hardened nozzle.

One question, why do you print PVA with hardened nozzle, its not abrasive i guess?

No your absolutely right, it is not abrasive. Truth is I just wanted to have both nozzles hardened steel. I just believe that they will last longer regardless of material and this also gives me two backup brass nozzles, should one become clogged. Other than that no real reason for it, also this way I can run abrasive filaments thru either nozzle, thank you for your feedback to my question.

just to clarify, when you say breakaway filament do you mean water soluble PVA? Or the breakaway filament which i believe from memory is PLA based?

breakaway. Seems I solvede my problem, since switching to Hardened steel nozzles, using the filament profile that comes with luban for breakaway filament no longer works, I crewated a new profile and now the hotend extrudes it perfectly, if I switch back to luban profile no extrusion, go figure not sure what switching nozzle types caused luban to not allow provided profile to work but it did

I’ve never been able to get the breakaway PLA to not ooze all through my prints. It’s useless in my experience. I’ve gone back to using the main print filament for supports, which break away fairly easily when sliced by Simplify3D. I mainly use the second extruder for a different color without reloading.

This is where I see the advantages of the J1 printer, which can get the idle extruder completely out of the way while the active extruder works.

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i’m also using snapmaker breakaway filament for a print right now, but i can’t find a suitable retraction setting. tested from 0.8mm to 4mm and speeds 20-35mm/s with no noticeable difference.
It oozes and stringing.

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I’m wondering if the temperature is too high for the breakaway filament. Luban seems incapable of changing the nozzle temperature during a print. With Simplify3D, I now have PLA+ running at 220ºC for the first layer and 200ºC for all other layers. Stringing is almost non-existent except on the first layer.

What settings have you used for the new profile, can you post them here? Thanks