Dual Extruder and PLA (or PETG) Carbon Fiber


I am trying to print a holder with PLA or PETG Carbon Fiber in the last days.

I have the new Dual Extruder and a hardened 0.4 nozzle from Snapmaker. The nozzle with the Carbon Fiber clogs me every now and then and then he prints without filament and the holder I can forget.

Has anyone ever managed to print Carbon Fiber with the Dual Extruder?

The support with PVA works great.


It’s probably how you’re using it. Not the filament. It likes to be hot. For my pla i normally Print at 200, im at 210. For the breakaway pla it says 220 and I’m at 230. I also bumped my resting temps to 40 degrees below those numbers.

Check your direct drive and see if it’s clogged… if it gets stuck it grinds down the filament and clogs the wheel. You have to clean that out. It also has to have that section cut away and a fresh section used.

Beyond that I’m keeping the door open to see if that helps with heat creep.

Anyways hope that helps.

What is “resting” temp? Is it the temp to hold the hotend not in use on the dual extruder?

Yea. It is. You should do some reading on dual extruders. They’ve been around for awhile. Lots of corporate knowledge to digest.