Jerk speed and acceleration control questions

I’m using Cura for slicing. Many of the default speed were greater than the Snapmaker is designed for. I’m working on dialing in the 2 afore mentioned settings. I’m making parts that I sell so I’m going slow and precise. Print speed of 30 with a jerk of 10. Things are coming out precise and pretty with no waves, blobs, or missing extrusion areas.
Is anyone else here using the jerk feature? What settings are you using? What about acceleration? Does anyone know what the acceleration max of this machine is?

I haven’t tried those yet. I only copied the 3 setting from SnapmakerJS to Cura. Jerk is described as “The max instantaneous velocity change of the print head”. Without acceleration enabled, it seems like the jerk is the print speed.

Acceleration does make the equations that govern filament flow rate more complicated, moving them from algebra to calculus. Still, as long as the equations that Cura uses to model it are correct, the snapmaker should be precise enough to handle it. I think I’ll play around with next time I’m doing some prints that I don’t care about quality on. Thanks for pointing out a setting I had overlooked.

My son did try to making something that moved faster than Fast Print. He set the travel and print speed both to 100 mm/s. It worked for a while. But mid print, I heard a loud “click”, and looked over to see that the print had shifted about a centimeter in the X axis. I didn’t see it happen, but I’m pretty sure the print head jumped a thread. Fast Print has a travel speed of 70 mm/s, and we’re sticking to that as an upper limit.

From what I’ve seen though, the snapmaker is pretty accurate regardless of speed. In my experience, my print quality has pretty much been a function of layer height, not print speed. That said, I’m rarely in a hurry, so I usually just use the default “High Quality” print settings. For you, I guess it depends on if the machine’s print speed is a bottleneck to your production line or not. If it is, I feel like you can increase the speed well above 30 while keeping the layer height the same, and keep your existing quality.

It would seem that acceleration and jerk does have an effect on the quality and precision of the print. I’m at 700/7. The walls of my print no longer have ghosting or missing lines. Like you I’m not in that big of a hurry. I design and build game controllers; they need them to be strong and pretty. I’ve also switched to PETG for durability. I was printing at .1 layer height but have moved to .15 since making the changes with no loss of accuracy or visual quality.

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