Snapmaker A350 CNC | ERROR 409

Anyone getting this error when using the CNC? Just updated the firmware and software to the latest one on the a350 for the enclosure, and I get the unable to start job error on the machine when I load the file through a flash drive. When I tried doing it through Wi-Fi or through plugged in USB connection it gives me error 409. I ran this program before I updated the firmware and software but now I’m available to start it. Also emailed support but maybe you guys had answers too.

My thought is something in the post processor changed? It seems all of my files I used to be able to run have problems starting. I really don’t want to have to go and repost all of my programs.

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I only know this error if something other communication is running on the controller, but i only had this a few times, i guess,- not sure anymore.
Does this also happen if you freshly restart your machine and connect?
Or does this happen when you want to transfer your file, i remember something about bad files, which means you are right about bad postprocessor…
Post your cnc here to doublecheck, please.

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Happens wether it’s a fresh start, allready loaded program, been on for a while, ect.

It moves via WiFi control or screen control just fine before and or after. All I noticed was when connected via WiFi it said 4/2300(ish) lines of code sent and that’s when it stopped. On phone, will upload file shortly.

1001_Y4.cnc (67.8 KB)

Do you know if there is any update to the postprocessor?

I tried your original gcode and was not able to run it through the machine or through the pc connected with usb.
After editing the first few lines (deleting the nonsense (blablabla)-lines), i was able to run the gcode successfully from the machine but in luban the spindle won´t turn on except i turn it on manually.
How ever, i never get an error 409, do you run the latest Luban from the forum 3.9.0?
1001_Y4_02.cnc (67.7 KB)

I never used post processor so, i don´t know if there was something changed…

1001_Y4_02.cnc (67.7 KB) 1001_Y4_02.cnc (67.7 KB)

Here’s your file you fixed, and i tried the same thing with mine, but it wont run. i cant find any differences on why it wont load still. I can run yours no problem, upload via WIFI, no problems. But mine after deleting the lines still wont work.

My first guess, maybe it was not right saved with the cnc ending, or so?
(I opened with wordpad (editor) and hit strg+s, so no ending was messed off)
I use win10, latest updates.
Lets have another try, please change the ending to gcode and try your file again.

Then i tried both files and they worked (tansfered over wifi, tooled from the touchscreen), what version of Luban and firmware do you run?
Firmware 1.10.1_20200822
Touchscreen V1.10.0
Controller V3.2.2

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