Snapmaker 2 print problem with right side of table

I have f350 and have been making great prints. However when ever there is a part to the right side of center and mid platform or back it is stripping the filament or this morning the filament broke. Yes the filament is dry and does not seem to be overly brittle.

I have checked the coil and there is no filament binding that I can see. The gear that feeds the filament into the heated tip is digging into the filament and once a divot is formed the filament will not feed. Easy to fix but not correct and renders 1/2 of the print area non-usable. Thoughts?

Sounds like it’s going too low and blocking the flow which is causing it not to feed.
(If you’re positive filament is feeding freely and isn’t binding - especially that it isn’t getting wrapped over itself on spool)

Make sure your bed frame is installed correctly - nuts should be facing down.
Using flat head screws to hold heated bed to frame (screws flush)
Search for “tramming” to make sure your x-axis is parallel to bed.
Make sure you’re running a 5x5 calibration for more accuracy.


Everything that @sdj544 already mentioned. But feel free to post some pictures of your setup as well. That can be very helpful for others to identify possible issues as well. (like assembly problems) Preferably pictures that show the entire device from the front and side.

I will get pictures. I do not think it is a flow problem but I will re calibrate anyway. This only happens when printing multiple copies of a file in one print. Otherwise it is printing fine. It is frustrating for sure. When doing one print object at a time it works fine but everything is in the center of the bed. Thanks for the thoughts I will try again and get pictures. I wish I could put a drawing in here to show how the filament is being eroded away by the feed wheel. I will be back with information.