Snapmaker 2 Mods - Where to find

Ok, I have practical in my blood. It is too soon for 2021 Christmas presents. I keep seeing reference to practical mods for SM2 but can find the right keyword to find them.

filament blower mod must have:

auto-calibrator for glass bed (havent done yet but plan to):

For all who want level on glass - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

flexible filament adapter:
Flexible Filament adapter is needed - Product Feedback - Snapmaker: where creation happens

These threads have the main ones I am aware of

I also thing a nice spool holder helps, i have an auto rewind one that is awesome… its nice because it fits all spool sizes and is easy to fiddle without adapters

Snapmaker 2 universal rewind spool holder by SchnabsiX - Thingiverse

(spring is challenging at first but even without it, its amazingly helpful)

Theres also this storage box

Snapmaker Accessories Storage Box with Logo by WaldoMinny - Thingiverse

and this filament guide (ive printed many, this is the nicest)

Snapmaker 2.0 Filemant guide by da96jdm - Thingiverse

There are some cable management files out there on thingiverse too. Actually i just saw a heated bed cable reinforcement today someplace on here i might get

i look forward to seeing more contributions to this list.


If you just search for “snapmaker” on thingiverse and then sort by most recent you’ll find a bunch. You’ll also have to sort through things that people have made on a snapmaker, but it still works pretty well.


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