Print an add-on with & for your Snapmaker

We are going to share a series of files so that users can print some useful things with Snapmaker 2.0.

There are 7 in total and I will post here one by one.

Filament Guide

:point_right: Rotatable base eliminating irregular sway of the spool
:point_right: The piece on the front holding the filament in place

Download here:

Update on May 11

Print an add-on with & for your Snapmaker - P2

Drawer (for 2.0 A250 & A350)

Have you ever been thinking of making use of the space between Y axes? Here’s a drawer that just fits the space and in which you can put the parts and tools you frequently use.

Model file:

Update on May 31

Print an add-on with & for your Snapmaker - P3

Filament Filter

Sometimes unrecognizable dust on the filament is carbonized under high temperature, which may cause blockage in the nozzle. Add this filter with tissue inside will solve the problem.



Cable Clip

We heard complaints about cable management and saw smart users use clips under the base plate.

However, we go the opposite way. Just pull out all the cables and clip them between Y axes.:smirk:


Please be tuned


So where are the downloads?

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The link after “download here”


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I am going to post some useful tools within this topic. Please stay tuned.


Looks like I’m printing a drawer tomorrow, though I think I’ll make it a bright orange.

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